Eurotrip: February 2007

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Felicity's Birthday

After we finished up the first day of the conference we headed back to the hotel to get ready to hit the town. We then met up with Felicity's sister who came up from London and headed out to a nice pub for a few pints. There was a beer called Nottingham Pale Ale that was just like Coopers Pale Ale back home so I got stuck into that. After we finished up there we went out to dinner at a nice Italian restaurant that was recommended to us. We then started walking back to the main sqaure and noticed a heap of bright fluro lights coming from a nightclub, we went over for a look and saw a sign for £2 cocktails, the rest is best explained in the photos below!

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I arrived in Nottingham for a work conference for 3 days, it was the first time I had the chance to travel for work before and it was great experiance. Unfortunitly I didnt have that much time to look around but from what I saw it was a pretty nice place. The hotel wasn't too bad either, had a massive room and kingsize bed which was a change from the Mansions. The conference was held at Nottingham University and my job was to man the stand and provide information about our council to the delegates, it was definitly a change from web development work. Luckily I had Felicity there with me to answer the difficult questions.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hyde Park and Kensington Palace

We had a pretty quiet weekend for once, no parties to report on at all. After getting a good nights sleep on Saturday we decided to have a walk around Hyde Park and the Kensington area. We started at Speakers Corner and made our way around the park and saw the sights including the Princess Dianna Memorial drain, Royal Albert Hall, Kensington Palace and many others.

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Friday, February 09, 2007

More Snow for London

Yesterday we got about 10cm of snow across the city and it was still falling when I made my way into work in the morning. Apparently it was the most snow in seven years. This made traveling to London Bridge more of a pain then usual. My train was stuck in a tunnel for about 40 mins and I was late for work but it was nice seeing the place covered in snow again.

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Countries visited so far

I found this cool flash program that shows you the countries you have visited so far and gives you a total percentage. Some of the next countries on my hit list include, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Turkey, Russia, Poland, Croatia, USA, Egypt, Finland and Iceland.

You can roll the mouse over the countries to see the names.

Access large version

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Australia Vs Denmark - Loftus Road

We met up after work at the Shebu Walkabout for a few predrinks, after that we walked down to the Loftus Road Stadium. The atmosphere was electric with thousands of Aussie's walking together down the street. There were a few Danish fans in Viking gear and flags who had to listen to the chant "We've all f*cked your Princess" which they seemed to take in their stride.

Our seats were pretty good, just behind the goal in the second tier. Australia got off to a shocking start, their defense was useless and let in two easy goals due to players being out of position. We scored half way through the first half but the referee disallowed it due to pushing in the goal box, it was a goal dammit! The Danes scored again soon after making it 3 - 0 at half time.

Emerton curled a brilliant free kick over the wall and into the back of the net with 5 minutes to go to make the scoresheet more respectable.

Read the full match report

The next sporting fixture I will be heading to is the world club challenge in Bolton between my home team the Brisbane Broncos and St. Helens RFC. Hopefully I will see a win this time!

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Aarhus - Denmark

We randomly decided to head to Aarhus Denmark after getting some free flights due to a Ryanair website malfunction, it was a great decision. The locals were really friendly and the place was beautiful. The clubs were amazing, we kind of felt out of place in t-shirts when the guys were in suits and tall blonde girls were in cocktail dresses but they let us in anyway. The single guys had a ball, Jeff did very well in this department (He might be moving to Denmark soon).

Thanks to Jeffs dealings with the locals we found out about the best night club in town called Train. It is a huge converted old warehouse with three levels and heaps of bars, it was an experiance thats for sure.

The drinks were not as expensive as we were told, we found a great a cool Aussie bar where you rolled three dice and whatever the total came to was the price of the beer, so if you were lucky enough to roll 3 ones then it was only 3 Kroners which is only about 65 Australian cents and the maximum you could pay was 18 Kroners which is $4.

We were not drinking the whole time and on Sunday we checked out the Moesgård Museum. The permanent exhibition presents many unique archaeological finds from prehistoric Denmark. Two finds from the Iron Age - the Grauballe Man, the only completely preserved bog body, and a impressive collection of sacrificed weapons.

Overall it was a magnificent trip and I would love to head back at some stage.

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