Wednesday, July 12, 2006


We arrived here yesterday after a 8 hour train trip, everything went pretty smoothly. The camp site was full of people from Contiki tours so was pretty full on and half the staff are Australian. The prices here are a bit over the top, about twice the price of some of the other campsites we have been to so far. We weren't up for drinking last night after all the travelling so went to bed early so we were prepared for a big day in the city. We came across on the ferry this morning from the campsite and have had a pretty good day so far, you can get cheap food and drinks here and there are loads of markets and stalls. The landscape and city is beautiful and better then all the photos you see. The shops are full of Venetian masks, blown glass works and woodcraft. Mel loves it, the best place so far apparently. We still cant use a usb port so our photos will be up at a later stage. We are here for three nights so we should see most of the city. We head to Vienna after that. Brett and Mel

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  • Oooo Venice is so nice
    did you get to visit the glass blowers there?

    By Anonymous Joel, at 5:39 PM  

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