Monday, July 10, 2006


We had a really good time here, didnt do much site seeing but our hostel was great. It was an old fabric shop which was converted into a hostel about a year ago or so. They had a plasma tv that you could watch some news shows in English. They also had a big nightclub where we spent a bit of time partying with some American guys, some crazy Irish girls, a few english people and a couple of Aussies. We found out later that the whole area around the hostel is linked to the Mafia but we didnt notice anything out of the usual (for itally that is). There seems to be no rules, kids on scooters, no helmets, babies on peoples laps in their cars, scooters on the footpath. The shopping was great as well, I bought a beach towel for 4 euros and a shirt for 5. We also checked out some roman ruins at at place called Herculanium, its like Pompeii. There are mosaics, original paint etc. Photos will be up as soon as we find a place with a USB connection

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