Eurotrip: May 2007

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Felicity's Birthday - Brighton

We were hoping for a sunny bank holiday weekend at the beach but as usual the weather had other ideas. It was cold windy and wet but we made the most of it, the place we stayed at was great and we spent most of the time inside the comfort of pubs. However we did make it out onto the pier and find some time for Putt Putt.

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Scottys - 27th Covert Garden

After visiting Trafalga Square I made my way over to Belushis in Covert Garden for some cheap Coronas and to catch up with Scotty and some other mates. After that we headed to the Roadhouse and continued to celebrate Scotty making it to 27. The night finished on a bad note when we went to grab a quick bite to eat and had our phones stolen by a pickpocket, somehow they didnt get my camera or wallet. I will have a new number and phone soon so if you could send me an email with your current number I can add it back in.

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Trafalgar Square - Green with Turf

More than 2,000 square metres of turf was laid as part of Visit London's campaign to promote green spaces and villages in the city. The grass covered the square for two days during which visitors will be able to soak up the sunshine in specially laid-out deckchairs or enjoy a picnic. I made a trip to the square to take some photos Friday afternoon.

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Farnham is a small town in Surrey, It is of historic interest, with many old buildings, including a number of Georgian houses. Farnham Castle overlooks the town. Farnham is only 50 minutes from London by train so it was the perfect country weekend getaway. We stayed at a really nice hotel that was a converted coach house. We went on a couple of long walks on the Heritage trail and saw heaps of wildlife and historic buildings including a 12th centry monastery and WW2 bunkers and tank traps. I would highly recommed it for a visit to get out of London and enjoy the English countryside.

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