Tuesday, July 11, 2006


We partied pretty hard here on our first night with some Scottish girls and some Canadians and Americans. We are staying in a campsite just out of town. The food there is great, huge pizzas for 4 euros and 3 euros for a litre of wine! Its also right on the water, after you walk down 200 metres of paths on a cliff. I bought some googles and went swimming on the second day, its full of marine life and was amazing. The biggest event of the trip so far had to be the world cup final. We watched it in the town square on a large screen drinking cheap table wine. It went crazy after Italy won, fireworks going off everywhere, the streets filled with people on scooters with huge flags, trucks with huge world cup trophies and people hanging off statues. Huge firecrackers we going off on the ground, so close you could feel the pressure waves, flares and even coffins with French flags draped over them. After it settled down a bit we headed to a night club with Nina and Hannah. We were lucky Nina had made friends with a local so we got to experience the culture a bit more and got a free scooter ride home. I have to say I had the worst hangover of the trip in the morning but I doubt I was the only one. We are heading to Venice tommorrow so its going to be a quiet night tonight.

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