Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tower Bridge - Eurotrip Mosaic Project

After arriving back from London I wanted to somehow get some more use out of the 30,000 photos we had taken over the last 3 years and I came up with the idea of a mosaic. I searched the net and found a fantastic program called Andrea Mosaic which made the whole process pretty simple.

You point the program to a directory or directories on your PC and then it scans them into its database. I used a collection of 30,000 photos from our trip, I then selected the main photo which was Tower Bridge. After that I decided to use 2,000 photos in the image and made a few changes to the lighting, rotation of photos etc. Then pressed the start button. The mosiac was finished within a few minutes, after looking at the photos close up to ensure there was nothing too dodgy I put it on a memory stick and took it to get printed and framed. It turned out fantastic and now we have a perfect way to remember our time in Europe.

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