Eurotrip: December 2006

Friday, December 22, 2006

Kasabian and the Fratellies Live at Earls Court

Mel, Jeff and myself were really looking forward to this concert and it didnt disappoint! My review of the concert is below.

The Fratellis

Excellent warm up set for the main event. Chelsea Dagger live was every bit as good as you would think… absolutely fantastic! For a three piece they sounded very good and although the performance lacked a little charisma, the music made up for it!

The set was a little short but a very enjoyable support.


Empire will never sound any better than it did live. The set was electric and aroused the audience into an appreciative frenzy. The front man Tom Meighan had the audience captivated and special praise has to go to Ian Matthews on drums for some of the best drumming solos witnessed to date – absolutely superb! The brand of electro-rock which this band are pursuing at the moment is just out of this world when performed in front of a live audience and transfers so well from the studio to the arena. Every bit as good, and then some, live when compared to recorded performances. Fantastic!

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Monday, December 18, 2006


On Friday night we caught up with Adam at Canary Wharf for a few drinks, there was a huge blue snowman there which looked pretty cool. We then headed back to his place for an early night and got up at 4.30 am for a trip to Stansted Airport.

After a few dramas involving losing Michelle in customs we made our flight. We arrived at our hotel to find out that we had booked into a mini Warsaw with over 90% of the people there being Polish, even the TV was in Polish. I guess thats what you get booking the cheapest Hostel in town. Adam managed to cause some trouble when he asked a group of Polish guys to stop smoking in the dinning room which was clearly labeled non-smoking, it didnt go down well and they just ignored him. The indian guy behind the counter was too scared to say anything to them and there is probably a good reason for that.

We then headed out to sample to local Guinness and managed to make it to at least 10 different pubs. Mel even managed to get rejected from Flanneries where we were supposed to meet up with my cousins Shined and Fiona. Apparently you are not allowed to laugh and have a good time when you are lining up for a pub in Dublin, thats a sign of drunkenness. What a joke! Anyway we just moved next door. It was great catching up with everyone and we had a few more drinks but it wasn't a late one since we had been up so early. We will hopefully be heading back in March for St Paddy's day so looking forward to that.

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Imperial War Museum

After numerous requests about posting some photos where we are not damaging our livers we decided to have a quiet Saturday night and make a visit to the Imperial War Museum.

I had been planning to go here for ages but just didn't get around to it. It was definitly worth the wait. I was finally able to see in person all the machines of war that you have seen in the movies and on documentaries. Some of the most notable were the Jagdpanther German tank killer, the US Sherman tank, the British Matilda Tank, the T34 Russian Tank, The German 88 flak gun, The German V1 and V2 rockets as well as a replica Little Boy atomic bomb. There was also a Spitfire, Mustang and Messerschmitt Me 109 and a British Bomber. Outside the main entrance of the museum are mounted two massive 15" naval guns from former Royal Navy warships.

There was also a Holocaust exhibit showing the true horrors and brutality of what occured, its not for the faint hearted and Melissa only lasted 2 minutes before heading back outside.

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Monday, December 11, 2006

Sal and Ambers Going away

Sal has been with us for a couple of months and is leaving already, she is heading to Mancester for Christmas with her family and Amber is heading over ot France to work on a Ski Resort. I headed to the Redback after my Christmas Party, it was a huge night with nearly everyone from the Mansions making an appearance.

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