Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Australia Vs Denmark - Loftus Road

We met up after work at the Shebu Walkabout for a few predrinks, after that we walked down to the Loftus Road Stadium. The atmosphere was electric with thousands of Aussie's walking together down the street. There were a few Danish fans in Viking gear and flags who had to listen to the chant "We've all f*cked your Princess" which they seemed to take in their stride.

Our seats were pretty good, just behind the goal in the second tier. Australia got off to a shocking start, their defense was useless and let in two easy goals due to players being out of position. We scored half way through the first half but the referee disallowed it due to pushing in the goal box, it was a goal dammit! The Danes scored again soon after making it 3 - 0 at half time.

Emerton curled a brilliant free kick over the wall and into the back of the net with 5 minutes to go to make the scoresheet more respectable.

Read the full match report

The next sporting fixture I will be heading to is the world club challenge in Bolton between my home team the Brisbane Broncos and St. Helens RFC. Hopefully I will see a win this time!

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