Eurotrip: June 2006

Friday, June 30, 2006


The city is beautful, everything is within walking distance. Today we just admired the sites. The gelati here is great, especially coconut! By the way we are still waiting on our phone credit to arrive in the mail back home, hopefully we will get it within the next few days. Still keep sending messages of whats happening back home we will reply asap. Remember you can send free ones from, our number is +447624120361

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Florence - Girasole Club Figline

We are having a great time here, we have a cabin to ourselves and its only 15 Euro a night each. There is a huge swimming pool, five restaurants, shopping centre bars and a night club all on site. Its packed at the moment, not many Aussies here though.

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Just an over night stopover here, didnt have time to see much here other then the train station and an really expensive English pub.

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Monday, June 26, 2006

More photos from Nice

The beach here is horrible by Australian standards, there is no sand and just large rocks but that doesnt seem to bother anyone. Its our last day here and we are about to head to the pub to watch the Aus Vs Ita game. Should be a good night and hopefully we can pull off a win! We are off to Milan tomorrow. Brett and Mel

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Climbed a 90 metre lookout yesterday which had great views of the beach and on the otherside to the large cruise ships and ferries. You could also see Monaco in the distance. There was a communist party festival up there as well, we went in and had a beer but were not Commies yet. After sightseeing and a swim, we went back to the pub and watched the England game, they are lucky they have Beckham thats for sure.

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More photos from Spain

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Nice, France

We made it to Nice after a 10 Hour train trip from Barcelona, we were lucky to make it. I had to attempt to bribe a hotel worker who couldnt speak English to release Mels passport that they we holding while we stayed there. After about 10 minutes I convinced him to accept cash for our payment and we got it back. We had to run for 2km to the train station and just made it.

We arrived in Nice last night and found our hotel pretty easy. We went out for a walk this morning and there is a huge Triathalon on here with tv coverage etc. The weather isnt too good atm and its really windy but looks like its clearing up. I cant put any photos up because this PC hasnt got any USB connections.

The Aus Vs Cro was a heart stopper, Mel and me watched in a bar in Barcelona with about 5 so called Australians but they all had either South African or US accents. I was glad we came away with a draw and cant wait till the big game tomorrow. We have already found a good pub, its an English one and they have cheap beers and English commentry. I am here at the moment and will be watching England play in a few hours. If you are wondering why I havent responded to your sms, I am currently out of credit and having problems putting more on even though I have purchased it. Hopefully that will be fixed soon. Brett and Mel

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Thursday, June 22, 2006


We had a great time in Barcelona yesterday, saw a lot of the sights including Las Ramblas which is a 4 km stretch of shops and markets. There was a great fountain with a really nice view, Mels favourite so far. We also walked along the beaches and through some of the parks. We are heading back today to watch the Aus vs Cro game.

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Pineda de Mar

This is the small coastal spainish town we are now staying at about 45 minutes on the train from Barcelona. The food and drinks are cheap and it has a really relaxing atmosphere. The whole place shuts down from 2-5 pm for Siesta. We found a place that serves €2.60 for a Stein and €5 for a jug of Sangria which is great. We also had some local dishes including Paella. Its easily the best place so far on the trip. We have a great view from our hotel balcony of an old church that rings its bells on the hour all day and night.

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Bordeaux Photos

Here are some more photos of Bordeaux to prove we were really there!

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Sunday, June 18, 2006


We have had a great time here, plenty of cheap wine and nice scenery. We have only one day left and are heading to Barcelona tomorrow. We are about to hit the town and watch the Aus Vs Brazil soccer match if we can find any thats open on a Sunday. We will post some better photos later, we dont have the camera attachment with us at the moment. Au revoir, Brett & Mel

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