Eurotrip: July 2006

Monday, July 31, 2006

Berlin Pubcrawl

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Partying in Prague

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We are having a great time in Berlin, yesterday we went on a Third Reich walking tour and saw where Hitlers bunker was located, the SS building, Air Ministry and the few surviving Third Reich buildings. The Tour guide was from NZ but he knew what he was talking about, we got a few bad looks from some older people on the street when he was yelling out Hitler, SS, Nazis etc but we finished the tour without too much trouble. It was well worth the 10 euros. We then went on a pub crawl organised by the same people. It cost 10 euros and included 3 free beer kegs at the start and free vodka shots all night. As you could imagine it was very messy, met a few nice Aussies and Americans. After strggling to get up this morning we went for a walk around town and have seen most of the big sites including the Reichstag, checkpoint Chalie etc.

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Thursday, July 27, 2006


Been taking it pretty easy here, had a look around the city on the first day and looked at the old town which has been rebuilt since the Allies fire bombed it in the closing stages of WW2. We went to the Zoo today and it was pretty good, a lot of animals in a small area. We are staying in a nice hotel here which is a change, no hardcore partying and drinking unlike in Prague. I am still recovering from all the massive day long sessions at the Hostel with the Kiwis, Americans, Brazilians, Itailians and even Egyptions. I also have a nice reminder of the hostel with the hundred or so bed bug bites which are still iching! Heading to Berlin tommorrow. Brett

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Started partying as soon as we arrived, the beers are so cheap here. Its about 1 Australian dollar for a pint and you can get them everywhere. I also attempted to drink absinth last night to find out if the stories about the green fairy were true... they are not. After half a bottle I gave up and at 70% alcohol thats all I could handle. I was seeing the toilet bowl but no fairies. We went for a walk around the old town today and the place is amazing, so much to see. There are a lot of buildings packed in together, all different styles. There are a lot of tourists here, especially english and americans so most people speak our language.

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Sunday, July 16, 2006


Arrived here two days ago, fairly disappointed with the hostel. Its very quiet compared to the others we have been at. There is no bar and everyone seems to keep to themselves. I guess we need some time to prepare for Prague anyway. We had a look around the city yesterday and there are some great buildings and shops. There is also a fair ground with the oldest Ferris Wheel in the world. We didnt go up it because we are too poor but we had a good time looking around the grounds. Been drinking a few new beers and still eating pizza every day. They have internet payphones which are pretty amazing, I dont think they would last too long back in aus before being rendered unusable. Other then that there is nothing else to report.

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