Eurotrip: May 2006

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Going Away Party - Story Bridge Hotel

First of all Melissa and me would like to thank everyone for turning up on Saturday night, there was a big turn out. Everyone seemed to be having a great night. Highlights of the night included Boxhead, Micko, Sarah, Euganie and Dave getting kicked out after a fight with some Terrace boys (Just like the old days). Boxhead making me skull a cocktail and spilling a shot of Sambuca down his shirt and everyone getting very messy.

The next post will be from London! Scotty I hope your ready for a big mid week session and some snakebites at the Walkabout!

Shari, Melissa and Chloe
Bernie and Mike
Tim showing off
Melissa and Rachel
Auntie Donna and Mel
Louise and Mel
Ben, Paul and Jen
The girls
Mel and the two Sarahs
MC Abdy and Mel
Micko and Dale, just before they get kicked out
Mel and Brett
Mel and Megan
Tim and Brett

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Melbourne - Day 3 and 4

Sunday morning I took Brett on a magical tour from the south to the north of Melbourne. We travelled from Werribee to Epping by train, and on the way I showed him prospective locations to move to when we return from England! My Uncle Ted picked us up at Epping, my childhood suburb, and before we embarked on our final leg to Wallan I showed Brett my old house. We travelled out past paddocks, farms, horses, sheep and cows and arrived in Wallan half an hour later, from which you can see the city centre.

In the afternoon my Grandfather, Uncle Ted, Brett and I headed over to Mill Park to see my other Uncle, John, his lovely wife Vangie and my two baby cousins (Julie, 2, and Michelle 1) of which i had only met one. We enjoyed catching up over a BBQ dinner and a few hours after playing with the babies and looking at photos the suburb decided to have a power failure, for no particular reason. After two hours of sitting in the dark we decided to call it a night.

Our final day was very restful as we sat watching tv in front of the heater, with the gigantic cat bluey (who could probably beat a bulldog in a fight) coming in and out of the house after numerous feeds. Brett and I did manage to make it outside for an hour to see the spectacular sights of Wallan in the freezing cold and surprisingly made it home before it poured. It was great to see our Melbourne relatives before we venture overseas, as we don't know when we'll next see them.

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Melbourne - Day 2

With a slight hangover I woke up knowing we had a big day ahead of us. We headed to the Weribee Zoo around lunch time and brought along Maree's boyfriend Paul. After seeing the animals we headed to the Winery for a tasting session and then a couple of bottles.

We then went back to Marees place and got ready for a night out with her friends in the city. After another long train ride we made it in. We headed to a trendy bar on Bond St and had a few drinks before catching the last train home.

Winery and the trip into the City
Maree and Pauls place

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Melbourne - Day 1

Melissa and I headed to Melbourne to catch up with my sister and some of Mels family. On the first day we caught the train out to Werribee where my sister Maree lives. From there we caught a train into the city and checked out some of the sites. We went up to the top of the Rialto towers and had a great view of Melbourne on a fine day. After that we checked out the shops and had lunch at a Sushi bar.

We then went to the Vic markets and after hours of walking around had a couple of beers at a nice bar called Macs. After that we met up with my cousin Sean and some friends at the Irish Times pub.

Telstra Dome

View from Rialto towers
Eureka Tower is Melbournes tallest and the worlds tallest residential building
Melissa and Maree on the viewing platform
A Melbourne tram
Brett, Melissa and Maree at Macs Pub
Maree at Mac's Bar
Maree and Sean at the Irish Times

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Rachel's 21st

The alcohol was freely flowing and the jukebox was blaring on Saturday night as we celebrated the first 21 years of my my baby sisters Rachel's life.

We were all surprised she made it this far!

Rachel looked stunning in a sexy olive number, and unrecongisable to some guests as dress are usually rare in her wardrobe. It didn't take long for everyone to get tipsy, so by the time the cake was cut the speeches were short, sweet and slurred. Close friends, family and a little dodgy karaoke ensured an awesome night. Everyone had a great time.

P.S We put a ban on eagle rock to avoid pants dropping action and Boxy gate crashing the party.


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