Monday, July 31, 2006


We are having a great time in Berlin, yesterday we went on a Third Reich walking tour and saw where Hitlers bunker was located, the SS building, Air Ministry and the few surviving Third Reich buildings. The Tour guide was from NZ but he knew what he was talking about, we got a few bad looks from some older people on the street when he was yelling out Hitler, SS, Nazis etc but we finished the tour without too much trouble. It was well worth the 10 euros. We then went on a pub crawl organised by the same people. It cost 10 euros and included 3 free beer kegs at the start and free vodka shots all night. As you could imagine it was very messy, met a few nice Aussies and Americans. After strggling to get up this morning we went for a walk around town and have seen most of the big sites including the Reichstag, checkpoint Chalie etc.

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