Eurotrip: November 2007

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Old Actonians Fancy Dress - Armed Forces and Uniforms

It was Tim and Bills last weekend in London and lucky for them we had a big party planned. It was the girls from netball and the rugby teams joint fancy dress party. It started off very messy with some early drinking games and went from there.

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Crusty Demons

On the way to the pub at lunch to meet up with Tim and Bill we were lucky enough to catch the Crusty Demons doing some stunts in the shadow of Tower Bridge for some promo shots. Apparently they are doing a show in London soon. It was a great show which included backflips and superman stunts. They would really be worth seeing, these guys really do have balls.

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007


We had an overnight stay in Frankfurt so that Tim and Bill could experiance some German food and of course beers. We headed into the town centre after a long bus ride from the airport, the place was a mix of old and new with massive skyscrapers as well as medieval looking houses and churches which had been rebuild after the war. We went to a couple of nice pubs and sampled some steins as well as having a huge pork knuckle for dinner. The pubs were pretty quiet for a Saturday night, nothing like the party central cities of Berlin or Hamburg.

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We flew into Porto from Madrid not really knowing what to expect. Our hotel was fantasic, we had the 20th floor with great views over the old town. You really felt like you went back in time walking around the old city centre with the old run down buildings, churches and relaxed atmosphere. On the second day we took a boat cruise down the river and a tour of one of the famous Port distilleries. The only problem with the place is that everything shuts down at 7pm, dont even think about getting something to eat!

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Monday, November 05, 2007


We landed in Madrid after an early flight from Paris, the weather was fantastic at around 25 degrees compared to about 5 in Paris. On the first day we just had a rest, played some tennis and took advance of the cheap alcohol at the shops. One litre of beer was only just of a euro so we had a good time. The second day we checked out the city and had had a great lunch at a Tapas bar. Overall we had a fanatic relaxing time and I would recommend the city to anyone.

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