Friday, August 04, 2006


Hamburg is a port city and our hotel is just near the wharf and is pretty decent for once. On our first night we headed to a street called the Reeperbahn, it has the best clubs in the city but is also the most seedy area in Germany. There is about 100 strip clubs and sex stores. We found an Irish bar in between some strip clubs and it had some live music and decent prices. There was also a fair just near our hotel, it was kind of like the Ekka. I won Mel a world cup lion after some hard work on a side show game. We also went on the Ferris Wheel and the batteries on the camera ran out just as we took the first shot. Today we walked around the city and to the major historic buildings, we then went back to the Reeperbahn and a Ramdom old German man bought me a beer and kept talking about how much he loved Midnight Oil, that was about the only word we understood. We left after about 30 mins, funny stuff. Talking about old men we saw our first fight in Berlin outside a kebab shop at 1pm in the afternoon. A 50 something guy from Naples asked if we were Americans we quickly said no and then he loved us when we said we were Aussies. He then started badmouthing Berlin in a mix of English, German and Itailian. After about 5 mins a 60 something year old Berliner came out of the shop pushed him then kneed him in the balls. The Italian then crash tackled him to the ground. The fight was then broken up and we finished our kebab and walked back to get our Laundry.

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