Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Going Away Party - Story Bridge Hotel

First of all Melissa and me would like to thank everyone for turning up on Saturday night, there was a big turn out. Everyone seemed to be having a great night. Highlights of the night included Boxhead, Micko, Sarah, Euganie and Dave getting kicked out after a fight with some Terrace boys (Just like the old days). Boxhead making me skull a cocktail and spilling a shot of Sambuca down his shirt and everyone getting very messy.

The next post will be from London! Scotty I hope your ready for a big mid week session and some snakebites at the Walkabout!

Shari, Melissa and Chloe
Bernie and Mike
Tim showing off
Melissa and Rachel
Auntie Donna and Mel
Louise and Mel
Ben, Paul and Jen
The girls
Mel and the two Sarahs
MC Abdy and Mel
Micko and Dale, just before they get kicked out
Mel and Brett
Mel and Megan
Tim and Brett

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