Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Melbourne - Day 3 and 4

Sunday morning I took Brett on a magical tour from the south to the north of Melbourne. We travelled from Werribee to Epping by train, and on the way I showed him prospective locations to move to when we return from England! My Uncle Ted picked us up at Epping, my childhood suburb, and before we embarked on our final leg to Wallan I showed Brett my old house. We travelled out past paddocks, farms, horses, sheep and cows and arrived in Wallan half an hour later, from which you can see the city centre.

In the afternoon my Grandfather, Uncle Ted, Brett and I headed over to Mill Park to see my other Uncle, John, his lovely wife Vangie and my two baby cousins (Julie, 2, and Michelle 1) of which i had only met one. We enjoyed catching up over a BBQ dinner and a few hours after playing with the babies and looking at photos the suburb decided to have a power failure, for no particular reason. After two hours of sitting in the dark we decided to call it a night.

Our final day was very restful as we sat watching tv in front of the heater, with the gigantic cat bluey (who could probably beat a bulldog in a fight) coming in and out of the house after numerous feeds. Brett and I did manage to make it outside for an hour to see the spectacular sights of Wallan in the freezing cold and surprisingly made it home before it poured. It was great to see our Melbourne relatives before we venture overseas, as we don't know when we'll next see them.

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