Thursday, September 28, 2006

Acton / Ealing

I decided to post some photos of the local Acton and Ealing area so you get an idea of what its like around here.

It started getting cold for the first time last night, I hope I am prepared for the bitter English winter! I might book some flights to southern Spain and Portugul now actually. I also just found out that the terror warning has gone down from Critical to Severe, how reassuring!

Acton Town tube station which I use every morning, you get a free paper on the way in called the Metro so its not that bad. The only problem is you rarely get a seat in rush hour.

Our local Royal Mail postbox

The Redback Tavern, one of the best Aussie bars in London(Apparently). They play some good live music and best of all its just down the road.

The Red Lion and Pineapple, great for a decent priced meal and Beer.

Acton Town, the best and cleanest Station in London ;-)

A local squirrel from Gunnersbury Park, there are hundreds of them in there.

The large mansion in Gunnersbury Park, just across the road from our place.

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