Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Night at the Shaftesbury Walkabout

On Friday night I met up with a few of the boys who had just come back from a Contiki tour through Europe. Shooter, Adam and Michelle, Marion, Sally and Wilson also made an appearance.We kept up the solid drinking form and had a massive night on the snakebites (Beer and Cider).

We stayed there until near closing time so it was the first time I missed the last tube which stops running at 12am. It wont be happening again soon thats for sure. After spending an hour or so trying to find a bus I decided to go back to Adams place which was a lot closer (near Canary Wharf). I met Adams flatmate when I woke up on the couch at 7am, after a brief introduction I thought I had better get home. I found an overland train with a connection to the tube system, got on that but didnt validate my Osytercard (swipe ticket). Unfortunality for me there was a ticket inspector on board, after a long spiel about how I couldnt find a validation machine and how it was my first time on a DLR I managed to get away with a caution which he added to my oystercard history. The pommy sitting next to me wasnt so lucky!

The party continued when I got home (9am), the NRL finals were on as well as the Wallabies VS South Africa. Both of my teams played horrible games and lost. After the games Melissa and me went into Piccadilly to catch up with my parents who had just got in from Amsterdam, they were only staying a couple of days then heading to Ireland. We went to the local pub and had a few drinks and a nice meal. After that headed out to the Kings Arms for a flatmates going away but thats another story.

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