Monday, August 28, 2006

Notting Hill Carnival

We went on an outing to the Notting Hill Carnival yesterday, it was a perfect sunny day. The parades were great, it was like being in Rio. The beers were also pretty cheap which was great considering we havent started work yet. It was absouletly packed and there were people dancing on balconies and rooftops. We met up with Paul Wintor, Adam and Michelle and took in the sights. We left the carnival in the afternoon and headed to the Shepards Bush Walkabout for some snakebites and Aussie atmosphere. We then headed back to the Mansions and kept the party going till late.

Its a long weekend and I dont start work till thursday so am planning on making use of the last few days of not working :-)

About the Carnival

The Notting Hill Carnival has been taking place in London, on the last weekend in August, since 1966. The arrival of Trinidadians in Great Britain, remembering their great Carnivals back home, provided the spark which ignited Notting Hill Carnival. From a small procession through the streets with just a few people in costume and carrying steel drums in the 1960s, has evolved a huge multi-cultural arts festival, attended by up to two million people. It is a great tourist attraction that brings life to London during the month of August.

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