Saturday, August 26, 2006

Gunnersbury Mansions

We arrived 6am in London after a very painful ferry ride from Brussels. We were lucky to met a nice Aussie guy called Greg from Brisbane on the ferry who's cousin was working at a pub in Putney so we had a place to crash for a couple of hours. We got up at 11 am and headed to acton to check out the mansions which we found on Our viewing wasnt till 5 pm so we hung out in the huge park across road feeding the ducks. We then went up for a look, loved the room and got it straight away. It was great considering we had no where else to go. There are six flats in the Mansions and we are on the top floor in flat 5. There are about 50 people in the complex and most are Aussies or Kiwis but there are a few Saffas hanging around. The whole place has a party amosphere and there is always something going on. There is a nice BBQ area out the front and a huge park across the road to kick the footy round in. There a few good pubs close by including the Red Back aussie pub which has some great specials on Sundays.

We have survived the first week so hopefully we will be able to handle the place ;-) I got a job the other day as well as a web administrator and start next thursday, so will finally be able to start earning some pounds.

I got the broadband connection online as well so I will be on messenger a fair bit from now on.

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