Monday, June 11, 2007

Mansions Superhero Party

After Martins BBQ we got the bus back to Acton to get changed. Our Turkish flatemate was hanging round and borrowed my toy Ak-47, he had the great idea of going onto the street pretending to shoot random people I was just waiting for him to get arrested but it didnt happen. After that we got in the Cab and the driver told us how he used to be in the Taliban and that the AK was a very good weapon etc. I went as the Punisher, Mel went as Batgirl and Fliss went as Lara Croft. We made it to the party without getting abducted. Everyone put a good effort into their costume Porno dressed up as Optimus Prime and it was easily the best outfit, other ones which were really good included Duffman, Captain Planet the tall Yoda. There were heaps of beers and cocktails, everyone seemed to be having a great night.

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