Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Mallorca - Spain

For the bank holiday weekend, Mel, Jeff and me decided to head for some sun and booked an all inclusive trip to the island of Mallorca. The island is near the more famous Ibiza and located in the Mediterranean off the coast of Barcelona. The resort was nearly exclusivly German but we didnt seem to mind.

I was a bit skepical of the free drinks, I thought there must be a catch. The only restriction was 2 drinks at a time! Spirts, Sangria, beer, you name it we had it. Luckily Jeff brought over some Nurofen for a couple of early morning headaches. The beach was fantastic, and the water was crystal clear and full of fish. We also had a walk through the pine forest and along the cliffs, the views were amazing. We made it out to a few clubs after the all you can drink bar shut at 10 pm but there wasnt too much happening and we were in no state to stay out too late anyway. One of the best trips so far and I would highly recommend the place.

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