Thursday, May 04, 2006

Gearing up!

I have been doing a lot of equipment shopping on ebay recently, hopefully I havent forgotten anything!

We already had most of the stuff we "need" for the trip. The extra memory storage for the cameras will help out heaps, we will both be able to store around 1000 high quality photos on our cameras. The new sony three sets of high capacity AA sony batteries should keep them going as well. The AAA's are for the Ipod speakers for when we need to relax in the hotel rooms ;-). The tripod was a good buy as well for only $12 delivered, hopefully that will help out with some of the scenery shots. I also purchased a global roaming sim that will allow us to receive calls from anyone in just about any country without us paying any fees, was a pretty good deal. Got that for $30 aus delivered off ebay, the details are on I'll let you know how it goes because if its as good as they say it will save us hundreds, and would well worth purchasing for anyone traveling through multiple countries. You can also send us free sms from their site once I get the number set up. The LED torch was a real bargain as well for $11, its extremely bright and is also light weight which will come in handy searching through my bags in the dark. I already had the 1 gig MP3 player which will also back up as a radio, dictaphone and file storage medium. I am hoping its not too much to carry, luckily most of its pretty lightweight these days. I remember last time I was in europe the only electronic device I had was a CD player and a camera that took film!

Let me know if I have forgotten anything, do you think its overkill?

My Pentax 6 megapixal - already owned

Mels Sony 3.2 megapixal - already owned

SD card 2 gig $49
Sony 1 gb card $49
Tripod $12
Global roaming Sim from $30

Mels 5th Gen Ipod

My 3rd Gen Ipod - Already owned
Ipod Speakers $30
LED Torch $11
4 AA Sony rechargeable $22
4 Sony aaa rechargeable $18
Euro adapter $8

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