Thursday, January 25, 2007

France and Belgium Roadtrip

Last Friday after work Adam, Brendan, Paul and myself headed off on a roadtrip to Lille in France for the weekend. Brendan has a mate called Teddy living there so we had our own guide and interpreter which was great. We eventually made it into Lille after getting the eurotunnel across.

We headed out that night to check out the local club scene.The first thing we saw was some french dude getting bitch slapped by a bouncer right in front of a police car, they didn't seem to care. We then headed inside the venue and drank out of these weird 2 litre beer taps that you can take wherever you want in the bar. They also seemed to love english 80's music even though they could only sing the main lines. We had a great night, Adam was shockingly hungover in the morning and couldn't make it with the rest of us to a little Belgium town just over the border. After sampling a fair few Belgium beers we headed back picked up Adam and went out again.

The next day I came down with a shocking case of food poisoning and was sick all day, couldn't even get out of the car to visit the monuments on the Western Front at Ypres. After getting some anti-nausia tablets I started to feel a fraction better but not before I threw up about 100 times, in the hotel, on the freeway and the streets of France and Belgium. I wasn't back to normal till Wed the next week. Beware of dodgy French cuisine!

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