Thursday, January 03, 2008

Bulgarian Village and Night out

One of the best nights by far was the trip to the Bulgarian Village. We had a small group since we couldn't fit in the night before so it was a bit more personal which was great. The night started off by us getting dropped off at a locals house in the nearest village which was only 10 min's away. You were greeted with bread and spices at the door and then taken to your seat inside. There was an unlimited amount of hot brandy, home made wine, beer and food. The wine was easily the best I have tried in the country. There was also three courses of traditional meals, which included a lot of potato's, lamb and vegetables. The food was great and we got to listen to some local folk singing, watch some dancing and even get dressed up in drag. The whole night was only around £14 each and was well worth it.

After the village we were both pretty tanked and Mel had the great idea to go to the Karaoke bar where it was two for one cocktails. It didn't take Mel too much to convince me to get up on the stage and sing some Red Hot Chili Peppers Under the Bridge, since I knew I would never see these people again. Mel also did a great version of the time warp! As you could imagine another 10/10 hangover resulted. Lucky once you got out in the snow and sub zero temperatures it seemed to be bearable.

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